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Any Reunion photos are greatfully welcomed

Reunion of Bishop's Old Boys, Friends and partners in London on 20th September 2006
Standing: Johnny Gordon - Rochelle Iny - Lena Khan - Cedric Sampson - Maurice Iny - Mahesh Patel - Gerry Singlehurst - Maureen Burns - Alfy Gordon - Mark Cline - Alfy Pereira - Jackie Keegan - Roger Carey - Alan Nougar - Archie Dalaya - Nitin Shankar  - Peter Triddon - Neil Nadkar  -Randolph Evans - John Gontier
Seated: Mrs Pedro - Gordon Pedro - Mrs J Gordon - Pauline Cline - Mr Mollan - Sylvia Dalaya - Vispi Bannerjee - Donald Edwards


Rafi Khan, Bihari Chhabria and Arjun Chhabria  February 2010


Archie and Sylvia Dalaya meet Peter Triddon Oct 2009


George Breag, Johnny Gordon, Roger Carey, and Mahesh Patel meet in Croydon UK 27th October 2007


Bishop's Reunion London September 20th 2006
Former Head Boys N.Nadkar C.Sampson A.Pereira J.Gordon Mr Mollan & Alfy Pereira meet after 55 yrs
Neil Nadkar and Keith Manchanda John Gontier
Gordon Pedro 1952 Alan Nougar 1955


A Presentation made to Mr & Mrs Francis in Bombay September 2005


Mr Francis seated in the middle at Bishop's  Reunion in Bombay September 2005


Bishop's Old Boy's Poona Reunion with Mr and Mrs Francis Sept 2005


Wilbur Whitwell welcomes Alfy Gordon in Sydney 'Oct 2005


Johnny Gordon, Mr Mollan and Mahesh Patel at the Oval Test Match 2006


Teacher and Pupil meet after 53 years

Mr Bob Francis and Neville Mehta  1952 and 2005



Founders Day 2004

Old Boys 2004


Gathering of Old Bishopites 2003

Edward Gordon, Alfy Gordon, Kamlish Daswani, Daulat Chhabria, Kamlish's son - picture taken in Bombay late October 2003.


Bishop's Reunion in Bombay August 2003



Reunion at The Bishop's School Pune 1st November 2003

Mahesh Patel
Seated:K.Doongriwalla,C.Poonawalla,R.Jeejeebhoy,N.Chinmulgund,Mr Frank Freese (Principal)   
R.Rustomjee,V.Sirur,E.Nana,Jai Purandare.

Bishopites in Bombay September 4th 2003

Standing: K.Khan.J.Chinoy.E.Nana.R.Rustomjee.R.Shetty.A.Bhotawalla.A.Mullan.H.Mullan.J.Mody.
Seated:  M.Sidhwa.J,Hariraj.D.Mody.D.Brown.K.Doongriwalla.Fali Dhondy.


Bob Francis & Mark Cline in Australia October 2003
Donald Edwards & Alfy Gordon in London May 2004


Bishop's Reunion in London September 18th 2003
Mark Cline,Alfy Gordon, Mr Mollan,Dady Mody,Mahesh Patel,Johnny Gordon


Head Boys & Master 44 years on
Johnny Gordon (Head Boy'60) Mr Mollan & Dady Mody (Head Boy'59)


The Wives

Mrs Babs Mollan, Jane Gordon, Mr Mollan, Pauline Cline & Firoza Mody


Mahesh Patel,Pauline Cline,Mr Mollan,Jane Gordon & Mark Cline


Reunion in London 2003
Mr Mollan responding


Mark Cline & Barney Devlin (Head Boy '49) in Perth 2003


Dear Eli & Jugs,
                              Firoza & I are coming to an end of our holiday in the UK. To say that we have enjoyed our stay with my daughter, son-in-law & most of all our granddaughter is an understatement. It was really nice to be with them for this time.
       What also made the trip to UK more meaningfull was the fact that I got to renew my friendships with some of my school friends, Alfy, Johnny, Billy, Mahesh & of course Mr. Mollan, made some new friends in Mark Cline, Keith Manchanda & Victor Mordecai. I have enjoyed my meeting with all of them & spent quite a lot of time with the former. Sadly I know not when the next meeting will be, but I do hope that it is soon, because even after all these many years it was as though we had been in touch forever.
       To Mr Mollan & all my friends it was nice to meet you, Firoza & I thank all of you for the time that you took to make our reunion a meaningful & exciting one. Thank you all for making the time to meet, we enjoyed our selves in your company.
       Jugs & Eli it would have been very nice if you could have been with us during this get together. I am sorry that I cannot copy this to all the other friends in India, but I do not have my address book with me here in the UK.
                   Thanking all of you once again,
                    Best wishes & regards (till we meet again),
                                       Firoza & Dady

enissan@optonline.net wrote:
   Dady and the guys
   What a lively surprise when Alfy called. It was a great pleasure to chat with you again after all these years.
   My goodness, where has all the time gone to, anyway?




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