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Centenary Year 1964
150th Celebrations

  The Bishop's School Old Boys


Head Boys/School Captains

J.Crone 1947 J.Nayler 1948 B.Devlin 1949 S.Sharazi 1950
A.Pereira 1951 J.Sewell 1952 C.Sampson 1953 J.Chandramohan 1954
V. Purandare 1955 C. Hunte 1956 D. D'Souza 1957 H. Saunders 1958
D. Mody 1959 J. Gordon 1960 R. Khan 1961 A. Rais 1962
K.Tata 1964  H. Saleh 1965 N. Nadkar 1967 M.Kachwalla 1969
V. Mirchandani 1972 H. Saboowalla 1974 A.Ghadiya 1978 M. Nimbalkar 1979
S. Samtani 1980 A. Mirchandani 1992 R. Innis 1996 A.Lalljee 2000
S.Young 2005/06 M. Rodricks  2006/07

 B Sharma 2007/08

 A Patil 2008/09
A Unmat 2009/10 K Storey 2010/11 V Shelatkar 2011/12
         Former Head Boys in London on September 20th 2006

                Neil Nadkar 1967 - Cedric Sampson 1953 - Alfy Pereira 1951 - John Gordon 1960     


Derek Asprey (1946) and Barney Devlin (Head Boy 1949) meet in Perth WA


Rafi Khan (Head Boy 1961) on a visit to Bishop's in February 2010


      Claude Hunte Head Boy 1956   ---   9th Dec 2006


J. Hall 1963


R.Barnes School & Bishop's House Captain 1966


Satish Patel  Head Boy and Bishop's House Captain 1968


Alfy Pereira Head Boy 1951 & John Gordon Head Boy 1960 meet on 30th July 2005


Class of '60

John Gordon and Shireesh Nadkar                          Beau Ragbir and Shireesh Nadkar 


Peter D'Souza '68 -'75


Rolf Heimann


"Korky" Nayler
Senior Scientific Boxer 1946


The late Lt. Col. Dr. V.K.Nair


Arjun Kachru 1994 - 2000


Anand Bhaskar, Karan Malhotra, Arjun Kachru, and Ansh Mansingh  1995


Shanwaz Rais


Cyril Judge and Ron Essai  Summer 2006


Priyankar Sarma, Chandresh Sampat, Rakesh Navani
Ritesh Aggarwal, Chandresh Sampat, Rakesh Navani

Chandresh Sampat, Rakesh Navani, Sim Khirid, Sanjay Kanakia, Sumedh Kanetkar, Aziz Shaikhali, Manish Solanki, Satish Mendonca
Boys of '88/'89


John Sowden May '06


Salim H Maredia 1989 - 1996


Abraham Ninan


Hockey Team 2000


Year 10 (Medicals) in '72 which won the Inter-Class football championship


Cyril Vadamutoo 2004


George Breag Cyril Vadamutoo


Z.Poonawalla 1951 Kumar Gera 1951 Sandy Brown


Cyrus Poonawalla Keki Dadiseth


Keith Venkataramiah Class of '52


Mahesh Patel,Graham Saunders& A. Bhattachariya


Anoop Ghanwani

Robin Gohil '91 -'94



Roger Carey '55 -'61 Rajnish Mehra '65
Mustafa receiving the Cup on Stage


M.Naidu Vice Head Boy '58 Aspi Behram Vice Head Boy '67 Ashok Banerjee '64 - '67


Freddy Miller Danny Cowan Richard Pears 2005


Daye,Shah,Miller& David Sayers'67

David Sayers 2007

G.Breag v G.Smith


Dady Mody and Jagdish Hariraj 2003 Abdul Merchant
Avtar Singh & Alfy Gordon (Certificate below)

School excursion to Torna 1977 (One of Shivaji's Fortresses)

Donald Edwards addressing the School 2000


Swimmers 1947

Swimmers 1951

Swimmers 1955
1st X1 Football Team 1951

1st X1 Football Team 1953

1st X1 Football Team 1954

1st X1 Football Team 1955

1st X1 Football Team 1956

1st X1 and Junior Football Teams 1959

1st X1 Football Team 1960
1st X1 Football Team 1962
1st X1 Football Team 1963
1st X1 Football Team 1964
1st X1 Football Team 1966
Junior Football X1 1958


Bishop's Senior Cricket Team 1981
 Bishop's Senior Cricket Team 1980
Bishop's Senior Cricket Team 1961
Bishop's Senior Cricket Team 1950
cricket48.jpg (61702 bytes)
Bishop's Senior Cricket Team 1948
Junior Cricket X1 1958


Boxing Team 1947

Harding House Boxing Finalists 1948
Standing: B.Devlin, Doody,P.McMullan,L.Pereira,A.Pereira
Seated: B.Frankel,Saleh,Mr A.E.Mollan,T.Wordsworth, V.Mordecai

Boxing Team 1951
Boxing Team 1958

Boxing Team 1960

Boxing Team 1962


Kaiser Latif Hector Saunders Inder Khanna Ashish Dube


J. Sewell (Head Boy '52) Mr Francis & Neville Mehta '52 Lance Newbegginge


Year 9 / July 1982

I was in Bishops' between 1975 and 1980 and just happened to come upon this site. What was extraordinary is that I found a photograph entitled "Year 9/ July 1982" of my old class - these all too familiar faces frozen in time and forever aged 13! I have spent a happy hour trying to fit long forgotten names to faces and smiling at memories- 24 years is a long time! Randeep Khokar, Jadav, Malkhani, Uday Rao and a host of others- where are you guys? I live in New Delhi and hope I can get back in touch.....and thanks for this site..
Vikram Menon '75 -'80


                  Senior Soccer & Table Tennis Teams at Panchgani 1975 with Mr Barrow &  Mr Aitkins


Senior & Junior Boys facing Lunn Block 1977


Past & Present Cricket Team: Including Mr Matkar, Mr Chavan, Mr Jagtap, H.Saboowalla (Head Boy'74) & J.James (Old Boy)


School Prefects 1949

School Prefects 1964
School Prefects 1969


Facing the Dining Hall and Mrs Carroll's room 1957

The Gang 1958
Kazi-Shirazi-Bhandarkar-Asim Rais-Mox Patel- Patel-Kagazwalla-Keshwani-Jail.Singh-Abdul Merchant Back Row: D.Mody,G.Iny, I.Manchanda
Front Row:A.Ninan. E.Nissan, I.Khanna

I would be pleased to hear from ANY Bishop's boy, or Member of Staff past or present, and look forward to your contributions to this page or the other pages, especially from the newer generation.

                As the School Song says:

"When life's work is done, and the Past echoes by,

And we ponder on days left behind,

We shall look back with pride on the School that we love,

The Alma Mater that our memories enshrine.

And so I dedicate this Site to the wonderful "Bishop's Family".

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