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Centenary Year 1964
150th Celebrations

The Bishop's School Ex-Staff


Mr Lunn Mr Olliver Mr Wright Mr Mollan Mr D'Sena Mr Francis
Mr Aiken Mr Sewell Mr Robey Mrs Francis Mrs Brewin Miss Toscano
Miss Abrahams Mr Rowe Mr Mogre Mr Bunter Mrs Carroll J.Wordsworth
Mr Cowan Mrs Gilbert Mr Martyn Mr Torrick Mr Rainsford Mrs Taylor
Mr Aitkins Mr Fernandes Mr Chavan Mr Jagtap Mr Sarfraz Mr Thakore
Mr E J Oliver Mr Gundaviya Mr Ninan  Mrs Aitkins Mrs Pathak Mrs Roberts


Mr Francis receives a warm welcome from Mr Freese during the Bishop School's 150th celebrations in Pune (November 2014)


Mr Roberts and  Sandeep Santami (Head Boy 1980)  2014

Mr and Mrs Roberts


Mr Lunn and Mr Robey  1947


Miss Joyce Wordsworth passes on . . . an icon, stalwart, mentor and ever bubbling personality full of youthful energy and humour. Our fond memories of Miss Wordsworth culminated in an overwhelming and very warm gathering of ex-Bishopites – students and teachers -- at the Krome Reception Centre (Pune) on 25 September 2012. The icing on the cake that evening was the awe-inspiring presence of Joyce Wordsworth even as we also celebrated her 90th birthday. Joyce’s incredible memory was something to be marvelled at – and I owe my addiction to cryptic crosswords to Joyce.

My wife’s (Joyce) journey into the realm of teaching was inspired by Miss Wordsworth’s guidance and her ever caring and supportive presence in those initial years. Joyce and Holly visited us in Sydney in 1996 and our family is so blessed to have enjoyed her love and warmth through the years and we will certainly miss those telephone conversations with her.

Rest in eternal peace dearest Miss Joyce Wordsworth.

A tribute by Joyce and Klyne Aitkins


Laura Toscano D'Souza 1995


Mr and Mrs Mollan and family


Mr Bill Wright


Mr Michael Guzder with the '92 -'93  Honours board


A trip to Sinhagad in April '74 with Mr D. Beaman, Mr V. Pawar and Mr Klyne Aitkins


  Miss K. Felfeli    Ex - Music Teacher    1999 - 2001


Mr P. Dolas Mr P. Philip J. Bhatnagar Mr T. Varghese S. Varghese  Mrs C. Furnell


Mr & Mrs Sewell


Mr Sid Hunt October 2005


April 1949
Miss Alice Abraham, Edna Cross, Miss Brown, Mrs Power
Bruce Frankell, Pat Francis, Mr. Francis, Mavis Cook, Mr "Pop" Lunn
Mr Eddie Oliver, Mr George Robey, Mr Philip Bunter
Mr Sewell, Mrs I. Bose, Joyce Ledley, C. Ledley, Mrs Sewell, Sylvia Gordon


Mr George Robey (English Teacher) 1948


Junior School Exhibition 1978 with J.Wordsworth, J.Aitkins & T.Pathak


Mr K. Aitkins (Ex-Harding House Master)
with Mr A.E. Lunn (Ex-Principal)
June 1984


Mr B.W. Roberts (Ex-Principal) with Mr Ringrow & Mrs Roberts.


Mr & Mrs Sewell with son Herbie on right at a party

Staff Basketball Team 1977

Norah Crasto - Matron 1973


Mr Aitkins & Mr Wright '76


Messrs: Jagtap-Fernandes-Mogre-Sarfraz-Thakore-Chavan-Fernandez and Aitkins.  (Outside Staff Room 1977)


D.Innis,K.Aitkins,M.Gomes and M.Guzder in the Staff Common Room 1982
Mr Francis in the Staff Room 1994



Mr Aiken (Old Boy & Staff)


Staff & Prefects 1950

Staff & Prefects 1951

Staff & Prefects 1955

Staff & Prefects 1958

Staff & Prefects 1959

Staff & Prefects 1960

Staff & Prefects 1961
Staff & Prefects 1963


Staff 1947
Mr A.E.Mollan, Mr E.J.Oliver, Mr Bakzaa, Mr B.Francis, Mr D'Sena, Mr. P.Bunter.
Seated: Mrs Brewin, Mr A. E. Lunn (Principal)  Mr George Robey, Miss Toscano.

Staff 1964

Staff 1969

Staff 1971

Staff 1972

Staff 1973

Staff 1974

Staff 1996

Bishop's School Ladies Staff 1979
Standing: B.D'Souza.T.Pathak,F.Daruwalla,G.Fletcher,J.Aitkins,M.Daniell,S.Olliver,T.Oliveira                      Seated:J.Bhaskar,C.Jolly,B.Morris,J.Wordsworth,L.Roberts,E.Thakore,L.O'Connor,S.Sharaballi,K.Sanjana


Mr R Ringrow

When I joined in 1981 one of the first people I met was Mr Ringrow the HM.
White shirt, white trousers, blue tie- he looked impressive indeed. He welcomed me warmly and wished me a long and happy stay( I ended up staying for 20 years!)
His office (and later mine) was just below my staff quarters in Lunn block.
One evening at about 6 pm I was shocked to see Mr Ringrow come upstairs. He said he had heardsomeone playing a guitar and had come to hear some good music.
I handed him the guitar and he was thrilled. For the next 15 mts or so he strummed away and in fact was quite good.
He taught History to grade 7- was often late for class as he would be busy with his job as HM so the class more often than not had a free period.
A story goes( unconfirmed) that he once fixed the date for a test but forgot to prepare a question paper so he walked into the class and set the following paper.
1. Name the History book and the author.
2 Who is the publisher of the book.
3 List the chapters that were taught this term and write 5 lines on each chapter !!
He then walked off to the office and forgot to collect the answer scripts.
Yes he often walked to school from East street and could be seen at 6 pm looking for his scooter !
On other occasions he came by scooter and walked home leaving the open scooter leaning against some wall or the other( it had no stand)
Mr Ringrow was a good hearted , kind man liked by one and all. He was easy to  get on with and he made it a point NEVER to let anyone leave his office angry( a quality I learnt from him)
I think he left Bishops in 84-85.
I met him about 10 years later in Bangalore. He looked frail but his memory was as sharp as ever. he was having breathing problems and was often depressed.
Mr Ringrow died in January 2005.
Michael Guzder


Caroline Jolly

Joined Bishop’s in January 1969.
Appointed Class teacher by Mr. A E Lunn.
Appointed Junior Head Mistress 1989 by Mr. B.W.Roberts.
Joined as a spinster when there were dedicated Staff members like Bill Wright, Miss. J. Wordsworth, Mrs P Dean. Mrs L. D’souza.,Mr D. Beaman.
Taught Grade 1 and KG, whilst she held the post .
Played the St. Mary’s Church organ for all the Founder‘s Day Celebrations from 1969 till 2003. Trained the school choirs for the Festival of School Choirs, both Senior and Junior with a strength of 60 boys in each choir. Had the privilege of conducting the massed Choir of 150 children from all participating schools.
Resigned from Bishop’s in April 2003.
Holds the unbeaten record of 34 years as a proud Bishopite.

A Tribute to Mr Beaman

Mr Beaman was an institution in himself and when I joined in 1981 nothing went on in Bishops without Mr B being involved.
He woke early and was there at  the dining hall verandah for morning tea or chotha hazri !
He had a mug of tea ( in the same plastic mug used by the boys) and  half a  bun. He also picked up the raisins from the large bowl and ate them . He often fed Smokie his dog a piece of the bun too !
He then went back to his room and put on the BBC news. God help the MOD if he rung the bells early or late as then Mr B would be fuming - his BBC programmes somehow coincided with the bells !
He then went round the school setting the clocks , signed the LOG books- put in corrections in RED almost daily and then was in time for Breakfast at 8.00.
By 8.40 he was at assembly.
He then went to his  various classes - he taught English language and was THE MASTER .
Despite his busy schedule he was never late for a period and hated being disturbed while he was teaching. If you had to disturb a class of his the matter better be important.
During  his free periods he would sit at a table in the main office and check attendance registers and do all sorts of work related to the boarding establishment.
Lunch was at 1.00 and after the boarders finished lunch he would rush to his room - put on his radio , have lunch followed by a nap.
He was down in the dining hall at 3.45 for tea.
He was at the Games parade at 4.00 and then would take Smokie for a walk to the race course or down the lanes in camp.
He often stood on the sidelines watching matches and he enjoyed chatting to the MOD during that time. As a young master I often had a chance to garner bits of wisdom during those chats !
He was back in school at the MOD's table at 6. 00 for evening study- then ensuring that all was in order.
Once again back for dinner in the Dining hall at 7.30.
He then would retire to his room after a long day.
His room was full of books, Readers Digests, old log books, old answer scripts etc - there were also  a few canes  !
Mr Beaman was also in charge of the orders and supplies for the kitchen and overall in charge of the clinic, so he visited the clinic on a daily basis too.
He loved Music and Quizzing- was crazy about animals and was a man of routine.
His passing away was a sad loss to Bishop's. He was a man of wisdom- God fearing and good at heart and someone who can NEVER be replaced.
I took over Mr Beaman's responsibilities after he passed on . His legacy will live on forever

                                         An article by Mr Michael Guzder (Ex-Headmaster of Bishop's)


I would be pleased to hear from ANY member of Staff, past or present, and look forward to renewing my connections with the School.